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Property to buy in Abruzzo, Central Italy

Renovating, restructuring, extending and building with C2PA

Houses, land and apartments
in Abruzzo, Central Italy

Renovating your Abruzzo property.
C2PA specialises... We have overseen many dozens of building projects since 2003 for our foreign customers. Respecting their budget constraints and time scales is our principle concern with careful attention to detail and clear communication. Our projects have been all sizes for privately owned properties;

Restructuring and renovations all over the Chieti Province

Building new villas

Re-building, raising a roof and maintaining a roof

Re-wiring, plumbing and new bathrooms

Changing boilers, doors and windows

Extending properties up or across

Renovating an old stone house to its original glory

The key to your satisfaction is in registered, qualified professionals and clear communication channels. The C2PA team knows the local market, understands local laws and can offer you the guarantees for workmanship and deadlines that you deserve.

Use the C2PA construction team for guarantees and budget planning.

Planning permission
The key to successful applications of planning permission is a quality Geometra or Architect from the beginning. They follow the law and communicate regularly with the council to insure success. Our experience has been positive and fast moving when it comes to Italian Builders and paperwork.

Before and After
renovating and painting the fašade

Example Renovation Projects

New House / Basement Raising the roof of a town house
New House Foundations Finished restructured house
Painting the outside with scaffolding Professionals with attention to detail

Swimming pools in Abruzzo

Foundations with reinforced concrete

Foundations with reinforced concrete


Plumbing/ pumps